Animal Babies on the Farm

This is a book where the publisher compiled adorable photos of animals – with some close-ups worthy of Cute Overload – and added simple text.  Each page is told from an animal’s perspective.

How you’ll feel about this book ultimately depends on how you believe farmed animals should be portrayed.  I am divided on this issue.  On one hand, I want kiddo to know how animals are treated on factory farms where the vast majority live.  On the other, why expose her to such ugliness at such a young age?

This book is about who animals are, not how we treat them.  The animals in this book are portrayed with their mothers, and often their siblings, in sanctuary-like surroundings.  The words emphasize the bond between the baby and her mother.

In the end, I decided that I liked this book, but I’m curious: what do you think?

Ages 0-3.


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