Dog Heaven

Dog Heaven - smCynthia Rylant’s work suggests that she knows what it’s like to grieve for an animal companion.  In this beautifully illustrated book, she envisions an afterlife for dogs, complete with angel children to play with, fluffy clouds to sleep on, and biscuits that God makes specially for them.

Kiddo and I got this book from the library after our beloved cat, Midge, passed away.   I found it to be comforting (though I did choke back tears), and it gave us a place to begin our discussion about what happens when an animal dies.  I’ve since learned that Ms. Rylant also has written and illustrated a book entitled Cat Heaven.

Ages 3-7.  For more reviews, visit Library Thing or Goodreads.


One response to “Dog Heaven

  1. Those are great tips!
    It is a good way to teatch children to love animals as well, although that is so easy to children that are pure.

    I am definetly putting a link of yours in my blog, loved it!

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