About Vegbooks:

When my daughter was two, I bought her a Sesame Street DVD that taught numbers and counting.  But the video was about more than 1-2-3s — one segment featured a dairy cow who encouraged kids to drink her milk!

Kids are bombarded with messages day in and day out, some of which affirm our values and some which don’t.  I launched this blog to assist parents — and aunties, uncles, godparents, and friends — in finding books and movies that affirm vegetarian values.  Together we can raise children who value life, the connections between humans and other animals, and the need to protect the earth and all its inhabitants.

About me:

A vegan, mom, and avid reader, I recently moved to Washington, DC  from New York City to practice public interest law.  I live with my husband, our amazing four-year-old daughter,  and our cat Cassie.  Contact me (Jessica) at vegbooks@gmail.com.

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