Jacqueline Bodnar is a professional writer who blogs about vegetarian issues at She and her husband have been ethical vegetarians since 1995 and are raising two vegetarian children. She is also a nature lover, environmentalist, and avid reader. Jacqueline is a Michigan native, who now resides in Florida, after spending almost a decade in Las Vegas. Read her reviews of Kids Can Cook and Diary of a Worm.

Jennifer Gannett lives outside of New York City with her family.  A long-time environmentalist, in her free time she enjoys cooking and eating mouthwatering vegan fare and advocating for animals in need.  Read her reviews of First Dog FalaHerb the Vegetarian Dragon, Ice Age,” The Dog Who Belonged to No One and All in a Day.

Huyen MacMichael is a stay-at-home mom, artist, and art therapist. She feels lucky to have found the sweetest rescued blue tick coonhound at the local no-kill shelter. She is raising her daughter vegan with her husband Ryan of As a mom, she enjoys the opportunity to read large quantities of children’s books to her daughter. As an advocate for the creative process, she appreciates a well-told and well-illustrated story.  Read her review of Lucky Boy.

Carolyn M. Mullin is the founder of the National Animal Protection Museum. She has worked extensively with youth as an education coordinator with Farm Sanctuary, an AmeriCorps reading tutor for K-3, and a camp counselor at a nature preserve for too many summers to count. Still a kid at heart, she can’t resist an enchanting children’s tale.   Read her reviews of The Adventures of Taxi Dog, My Mom Eats Tofu and That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals.

Sharon Young, a life-long animal lover, a vegetarian and a mom, has 3 rescued dogs and gently puts all spiders outside. She has worked for The Humane Society of the United States for 15 years.  Read her review of The Lady and the Spider.

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One response to “Bloggers

  1. “I always have great fun putting myself in Nancy’s fancy shoes when I receive each of Jane O’Connor’s manuscripts for a Fancy Nancy book. Our latest collaboration is no different”.

    Fancy Nancy: Poet Extraordinaire celebrates Poetry Month. Nancy’s love of fancy, beautiful language makes her just the right guide for young children to explore and have fun with poetry.

    “When I first got the story, I started to imagine what kind of dress-up Nancy would pull together to wear for writing poetry — something Shakespearean perhaps, or reaching back even further to Homer? Then came the footwear! Ever crafty, Nancy could easily assemble her version of ancient footwear with a pair of flip flops and some ribbon. Voila! The cover illustration started to take shape in my mind”…

    Robin Preiss Glasser

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